Saturday, September 5, 2015


We are up visiting family for the weekend for Stacia's baptism -- and Peach Days! Katelyn snuggled up to Grandpa to listen to the music. 
Two Kate-isms I want to share lest I forget:
On Sunday during Sacrament Meeting she was sitting to my left and Benson was on my lap. I looked down -- and she was biting Benson's toenail! I asked her if that was what she was doing, and sure enough, she handed me his little toenail that had gotten too long and said "there you go." Yikes! Talk about social grooming! What is so funny about it is that Benson seemed to have no problem with his sister nibbling away at his toe. I just found this incredibly odd but so funny, so I laughed and laughed. She didn't like that -- she is always very afraid of being laughed at -- but I assured her it was out of love and it was over. But I made her cry tonight when I told my parents the story! I felt so bad about that. I just thought it was so cute and quirky! But she felt embarrassed. She is a very sensitive soul. I still had to write it down here, though, because what if I forgot she did that? It was so weirdly cute, forgetting would be a crime! 
The other Kate-ism happened earlier this week. We were talking about McDonald's and suddenly she bursts out -- "I just LOVE Ronald!!!" The Double B and I were both taken by surprise! It was very passionate, totally cracked me up. She catches me by surprise every day. She makes me laugh every day, too! Silly girl.  

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Jen said...

Yay for Peach Days! I have to say, I find Ronald McDonald terrifying, so that is a brave girl you have there.