Friday, September 11, 2015

Leaving Missouri

My life has been a whirlwind for a long time, moving and then moving again! I wish I would have written about the last part of our time in Missouri at the time, but it was insane and we were exhausted every second. I wish I would have written about it while it was still fresh, but it was still pretty painful to look back. I wish I would have written about it when the shock wore off, but where we would end up was unsettled and I was waiting. So now I'm none of those things, and realized I haven't written about it.
I miss it. There are lots of wonderful things about the Midwest. I learned to appreciate the beautiful green, the crazy weather, the wonderful ward family, the way things are done there, and even the flat landscape, believe it or not. I actually miss it more then I thought I would. It's a great place. The thing we all miss the most, of course, is the Tates. They became our family there and an important part of our lives! I especially miss Bev. There just aren't Bev's on every corner (even though there should be). I will forever be a better friend to others because of the superior friend she is. Just the best there is. She saved us that last week! She helped us pack a bunch but in the end just took Benson with her and that helped so much! We couldn't have done it without that. I dreaded saying goodbye to her and had to work hard to keep it together as we stood outside my house at her car! I tried to tell her the truth through a closed throat -- that she'd saved me, every day for two and a half years. She got me through my first tornado watch, ha ha -- totally terrified in her kitchen! And homesickness, primary callings, and basic insanity, and made me laugh... she's a funny girl. We'll be friends for life. I'm not letting that girl go!
The kids miss school and ward friends, BB and I miss our ward friends, I miss the primary kids and my students. I'm so glad I got to teach those classes! I'm not sure I'll ever have my own studio again, but it was great. Putting that last recital together was crazy! Honestly crazy. But they did a beautiful job and I was so proud of them.
Packing a house is hard. When it's just you two, absolutely endless and sooo hard. That final night KJ graduated from 5th grade and we were up trying to pack the moving truck until midnight. I went to Walmart to get supplies for the drive at 12:30, it was incredibly foggy but the moon was bright. When I got home, BB was asleep but had prepared my cot for me. So kind. I laid my aching body down, mind racing, and when I finally feel asleep, I dreamed we were being attacked by a T-rex and velociraptors, ha ha! We woke up early, worked furiously, and pulled away from our house at 10:30. Driving down the 152, heading west with all the exit signs saying "Kansas City," I felt so strange. When we crossed the wide Missouri River and left the state of Missouri, I shook with tears. So full of both sadness and relief. Missouri was a master teacher in my life. It will always be with me. 

I need to share the amazing sale of our house, the Double B's unexpected stay in Denver, and our delayed summer. It's bed time for the little ones, but stay tuned. Remembering is healing, because it helps my heart remember, too. The Lord was with us.


Tara said...

It's always great to hear updates from you. I'm glad you are finally settled. We had a crazy summer this year as well. I've been playing catch up as well. I'm still a long ways behind but I'm getting a little done here and there. Thankfully I took lots of notes to help me remember. Thank you for sharing on your blog.

bev said...

I just read this and cried. You saved me. Life in Missouri is just not the same with no Marie.