Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mile High City

So on the drive from Missouri to Utah, I had KJ and Olivia and Benson in the Durango until we stopped in Hayes, Kansas (I love Hayes. I can't really explain it, I've just always loved it. Here's a little love for you, Kansas!). Katelyn was having fun with Daddy in the big truck watching movies, while they pulled the car behind them. After the kids had a potty break, I locked them in and dashed in for a little relief, myself. And when I got back out, they'd set off the car alarm! Ha ha! We worked fast to get that baby shut off, let me tell you.
Eventually Kate and Olivia switched vehicles, and as we neared Limon, Colorado (just passed my very favorite part of the trip -- miles and miles and miles of wind turbines) the Double B called me to let me know the side mirror had fallen off the Budget truck and he was completely unable to see anything on the left side of the truck! Oh, boy. We called Budget and they told us to pull over in Limon while they tried to work it out. I beat him there and then we ate at the yummiest Pizza Hut ever created while we waited and waited and waited. About two hours later, with 8 hours in the car behind us and one and a half still to go, we decided to just head to Denver slowly and I'd stay behind him the whole time to use my flashers and lights to help him.
We were so happy to get to our hotel! But Benson really, really hates hotels and CAN NOT SLEEP if anyone is in the room with him. So I held him through the night (which he had hated since birth -- only baby in the history of the world that doesn't want to sleep with momma), turning him when he'd wake up every 20 minutes or so. Phew! So tiring! We still hadn't heard back definitely from Budget, but it was supposed to be that day. So after talking about all our options, we decided it would be best to get the kids through this. So we shoved things around to fit one more kid, and I drove my four troopers across the Rocky Mountains. I had to pull over three times, begging them to be good and be quiet for 15 minutes while I tried to doze a bit. Seriously sleep deprived! They did great, we were so blessed. Another 10 hours in the car, and they were so patient. My parents were so gracious and met us at Cove Fort to drive us the rest of the way to Southern Utah. My eyeballs felt like sandpaper! But we were so happy to see them! My wonderful siblings and in laws welcomed us with open arms. So great. But what about my sweetie pie in Denver? Well, that's where things get interesting. Budget, we learned, is not very competent when it comes to side mirrors. He was stuck in the hotel room in Denver for three days without a change of clothes, no toothbrush, no deodorant, and no way to get anywhere! He did watch a lot of Cubs baseball, though. So that worked out! Oh, boy. It was horrible worrying and waiting! My Dad and brothers were about ready to go and get him, and I thought his poor mother was going to call out the national guard, but he finally made it safe and sound, thank heavens... just delayed. And darned if he didn't get $600 off the price of our rental truck, too. It was pretty sexy, too, hearing him politely tell them he didn't accept their offer and they owed us a better discount. Go, Double B! Rawr.
The next day we drove down to Vegas and filled two storage units.
Life is full of adventures, let me assure you.

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