Monday, September 14, 2015

We Feel Good Because We Do Good

Katelyn was happy as a lark when I picked her up from school. She loves it! And is doing so well. She was knocking my socks off with sight words tonight.
When we got home and settled, she went upstairs to play. Not long after, she came down and said "Mom, do you want to come see? I cleaned KJ's room!!!" She was bouncing on the stairs. She gets so excited when she feels good about herself. Of course, we headed right upstairs, and ta-da! Sure enough, she had straightened up his whole room for him! I felt so happy for her and so excited. She is growing up! She looked outside her own person! She helps with Benson every day now, playing with him and loving him. He lights up at the very sight of her and starts laughing, because he knows the fun has arrived! It felt like this little good deed today was a big sign she was holding up saying "I'm becoming okay, Mommy! I'm making big progress! I feel good about myself!" I will keep nurturing that little flame as vigorously as I can! She made my momma heart happy. How I love my Katee girl!

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