Sunday, October 18, 2015

Basketballs And Pumpkins

This weekend we got to go up to Utah to watch Aunt Sil play in the alumni game for her alma mater. It was so awesome to watch her out there doing her thing! She was awesome. It reminded me, once again, of what an absolute wimp I am, because those girls are TOUGH. it really was just like watching her when she used to play. Didn't look to me like she's missed a step! 
Matt and his family were down for the weekend, and the cousins all had so much fun together. (Katelyn is in this picture, she was just protesting. So she situated herself perfectly behind Liv so I couldn't get her, ha ha. Oh, Katelyn. You win again.)
We packed a lot into Saturday since we needed to be here for church today, but it was still relaxing and fun. We went to the pumpkin patch and explored and played. 
The kids got to pick out their own pumpkin, which was fun for everyone but -- well, you guess. Which of my children would find a reason to not feel joy picking out a pumpkin? I will give you a hint. She has a classic case of third-child syndrome (or TCS), like her mother. Though benevolent looking, she seeks to rule with an iron fist. Any guesses? No one? 
Katelyn did finally find one, and I found it very telling. We'd all been looking for a perfectly formed little pumpkin, but that's not what she wanted. The one she picked has curves and bumps and ridges and is perfectly unique. See? There's a lesson in that. I think I will spend all of my life seeking to know my children. KJ was feeling the effects of picking such a big pumpkin by the end, and Liv loved her little one. Benson had a marvelous time being carried around on daddy's shoulders. So much fun to be there with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Matt's crew. 
We then visited the famous Fry's with the B clan and Benson once again was living the dream, eating all of Grandma's sweet potato fries and drinking her drink. Good thing he's so cute. 
We finished the night with some delicious homemade chicken noodle soup (which no one makes like my Mom) and a long drive home, where the Double B was emotionally disturbed at the Cubs losing Game 1 and I was psychologically disturbed, fairly certain he was driving like a maniac and was going to kill us all. I am happy to report we made it home alive. 
Which reminds me, I taught my six year olds today, and they were fun. I told a story about a storm with the lesson and Josie asked me "Did you die?" Very seriously, actually wondering if I was dead. Ha ha. I just said "nope, since I'm here today, I am alive." She was relieved. Ah, primary. KJ had the talk today, his last talk in primary. He has his interview next Sunday to prepare to receive the Aaronic Priesthood, which I know you are in as much denial about as I am. I mean -- how? 
I'm not ready for this, if anybody asks. 

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