Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conference Time

Best time of the year!
It's so fun to have these special date nights with Olivia. She gets so excited, and I do, too. I thought the Women's Session was so good this time. Loved it.  
We went to Panda Express, because in Olivia Land, is there really anywhere else? She is a profound joy to me. An absolute ball of light. 
Katelyn is mighty anxious to turn 8 so that she can come, too. It's almost too much to bear, really. Especially when she found out KJ gets to go on a date with Dad next Priesthood Session! Sheesh! The afflictions of being five. 
We decided kind of last minute to go up "north," I guess we can call it now, to spend Conference weekend with our families. It was fabulous. Especially the Sunday sessions, I just loved. The three new apostles touched my heart, Elder Holland (of course), and I absolutely loved and marveled at President Nelsons talk. I was thankful for the spiritual nourishment, plus it's just so groovy to be ABLE to go up and see the fam. Bev sent a text missing our conference morning crepes and I may have shed a tear or two! It was a great time. It's fun to see KJ kind of grow into conference. I noticed it last time, too. He is really listening and getting things out of it. So proud of that boy of mine! 

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