Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sabbath Report

Here's a common sight at our house:
KJ practicing his viola and Benson pretending he is a big kid and "drawing." We have several visual artists in our household, so there is always paper and writing utensils everywhere. He's started carrying some around with him because he's a big boy, too. I'm sorry, but that's cute. 
KJ is loving viola even more then last year. Right now he is talking about getting good enough to pick up the cello in a few years, too, and being a musician when he grows up. That's awesome. He recently asked me if you can study music in college and was mighty excited when I said yes! He is excited because Dad told him if he is dedicated and committed, we will buy him his own instrument in a couple of years. I actually think he will be ready for private lessons by then and then the budget is going to have to magically grow. He really is talented and the passion is certainly there. 
I love the arts and know how soul expanding they are; I am happy my children appreciate them. 
Benson has an honest obsession with the missionaries:
It's pretty serious. He just loves them both SO MUCH he can't handle it. The Elders love this, thankfully, but it gets a little tricky for them to share their message with such an ardent and enthusiastic fan. 
You can see Benson also has a problem with books being on the bookshelf. He feels a personal responsibility to take them off, and the stacks are getting stranger. Drives me crazy. I like my books more than... say... the average person. So it's a problem. He just thinks he's hilarious, too. It is frustratingly cute. 
Friday he was so funny. He was just cracking up at everything all day, and was being so sweet to me. He was loving the cuddles, then would lean back and just give me the most enthusiastic kisses ever. They were so heartfelt (and so slobbery), it was just turning me into a puddle of goo. What a joy he is. 
Poor guy is teething, and his bottom left molar has just tortured him. Thankfully, it was finally poking almost all the way through tonight, but he is so miserable (and such a pill), you just feel bad for him. The Double B spoke in church today on the law of the harvest. He did great, but wrestling Benson was kind of an act of Congress. Sheesh! 
Taught my class today on the good Samaritan, which is one of my favorite bible stories. They are the cutest little ragamuffins you'd ever meet. I love them, both the naughty and the nice. 
Liv had a huge five hour stake activity days yesterday and it was totally amazing. I've never seen such an all-out event for little girls, so that rocked. (Girl power, people.) It was Star Wars themed and super elaborate. She had a blast, and today they sent home a picture of her face superimposed onto Princess Leia with the phrase "Princess Olivia, I am your Father. Remember where you come from!" It is so hilarious looking! We have all just laughed and laughed about it all day. I LOVE to see that it was a major event (and financial investment) for the little GIRLS. It is exciting to see a shift happening! Yahooo for my daughters! We are making progress. 
Katelyn has had a bit of a roller coaster week, but she and I had the most peaceful evening snuggling on the couch watching Living Scriptures tonight. She is really such a smartie and is catching on to both reading and math in an amazing way. I just love hearing my children learn to read! So much power for them in that! I adore that little girl. 
I know, this is a huge post, sorry, but one last story. Olivia came down the other night before lights out with a letter she'd written to Santa. It said very close to this: "Dear Santa, the only thing I want for Christmas is a guitar. Love, Olivia. P.S. I used to have one, but my parents threw it away. They didn't care, and now I am sad." When I read that, I laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more. It just really hit my funny bone. Tragically, since Olivia was serious about all this, my reaction did cause a tear to be shed. I felt bad about that, but honestly. I had no idea her dad and I were such unfeeling people! That same night katelyn cried herself to sleep because "when I farted in class, the kids all laughed! And I didn't want them to laugh!" To be fair to her classmates, the girl can fluff. 
Big things happening around these parts, let me tell you! 

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