Monday, October 12, 2015

Special Features

Benson and I got our grocery shopping done today, and he was such a good boy. Charms people. Charms his mom. Just goes around charming people! We got some halloween cookies for daddy because we're just so nice, and daddy shared his cookies with Benson. Benson is a BIG fan. 
Wherever we go, we get comments about what a cute boy Benson is and what a BIG boy he is -- they can never believe he's just one, much less just barely one. A very cute old man and I had a lovely chat about this in the pasta aisle at Walmart today. "Well how big is his dad?!" He was surprised that BB is not a circus giant, but like I told him, our kids are all awesome, solid human beings! He was a really sweet guy. Seriously, with the exception of our ward, the people in Las Vegas are just amazingly friendly. I rarely go anywhere without having a wonderful conversation with a stranger. I appreciate that. The Midwest has a well earned reputation for friendliness, but dangit, I am surprised to say that I think Vegas has them beat! 
There is a great big map of the United States painted on the ground at the girls' school, and we often spend time "exploring" before drop off. I've kind of become obsessed. I just have to know where every state goes! It was even infiltrating my dreams last night, so I put this map on my phone so I can get those pesky little upper eastern states in my apparatus. Geography or death! 
I guess I'll move on to the state capitals next. I knew them in the fifth grade -- does that count?
The Double B is in cross-stitching mode right now, so when he gets home from work he wants us to sit down with a movie and he'll happily stitch away. It's very cute, but not so productive for me and my house. But it is a fun little phase, so I'm just going with it. Today I was in charge of the movie, so I chose the special features from 'Return of the King.' Just as entertaining as the movie, really. I am a special features junky. 
Did I mention I'm a primary teacher? CTR 6. They called me the very first week, before they'd met me or even had our records. For all they knew, I was a serial killer. Nevertheless; they put me in charge of the six year olds. It took me awhile to really come around to the fact that primary is my auxiliary and life fate, but now that I've adjusted to the idea I'm feeling pretty good about it! Plus, since I've been in there I realize I'm happier there then in the very strange (sorry, it's true) grown up meetings in this interesting ward. While I may never meet or become friends with anyone but six year olds, I'm starting to think they might really be where it's at, anyway! Last time I had one of my rambunctious boys tell me "you only have ten more things to do to prove to me that you really are cool, and one of them is playing at my house." Marie was slayed. I do have a team teacher which is great. She is pretty intense, but I think she's new to primary. I've learned in my most recent four year stint to just reeeelax. We will probably turn out to be a really good team. Love those cuties! Primary + Marie = Eternal Companions. 

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