Sunday, October 11, 2015

Splish Splash

There is a cute park with a little splash pad right by the elementary school the kids love, and always want to visit after school. This week, in a desire to be outside and not inside, I brought KJ with me to pick them up and we had a lovely little play. 
We had a great time on the playground, but eventually the water lured Katelyn over. I said "sure! Just don't get too wet!"
Sweet Marie. Sweet, innocent Marie. Don't you know by now? 
Of course, it doesn't really matter and I knew that. They had such a fabulous time and that made me happy. Sitting on the bench, looking at the barren mountains and the little league football team and the other families there, I thought it just wasn't so bad at all. 
I'm really loving Katee the photo bomber. She was so happy. And Katelyn happy makes momma happy.
Trying to get a drink. 
In other news, Kate was practicing her letters and brought me this beautiful picture, and there -- front and center -- was this marvelous coincidence:
I just laughed and laughed and laughed! What a moment in parenting. 
What a great day. (And what a cute little turned in foot, too.)

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