Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stake Conference

Morning time with these lunatics. I love them. I think these two will always be good friends -- and possibly trouble-makers together. 
Today is Stake Conference, and the Double B and I decided to swap meetings. As in, one go to the adult meeting last night, then stay home with Benson (a baby who will, let's face it, completely ruin the meeting for everyone with his meeting hatred) today, and the other hold down the fort last night and go with the 3 oldest today. I got the adult meeting, and I'm so glad I went. Although I miss church today, I'm enjoying listening to General Conference (seriously, it felt like Christmas earlier this week when it became available on the app -- so quickly, too!).
The meeting last night was really good. A visiting member of the seventy spoke to us at the end and gave a beautiful blessing to those there. I feel like the Spirit is prompting me to make sure I'm attending and the nourishment is always great. Can't be anything but grateful for that! Hoping the fam has a good experience today.

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Jen said...

So, our stake had a mothers lounge in the RS room this time, where we could basically let our kids run free and just listen. I gave it a chance this time, and was well rewarded with so much more content than I usually get out of any type of conference lately. Awesome sauce.