Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tall Trees

Poor Benson hasn't felt that great the last few days and is making his unhappiness with the world known. I think it's his teeth, as his gums are swollen and he has the usual symptoms. Poor guy. Poor me, because I'm really the one he saves it all for. The Double B will say he does just fine until I'm around again, then it's all misery. Bev used to say he'd do the same thing with her, and I'm a little perplexed by this. I have a theory which consoles my wounded ego: I think, because I am the Mommy that is supposed to make everything better, that he needs to let me know he doesn't feel good so I can comfort him -- and then gets frustrated when I don't fix it. I think this is a good theory, don't you? He and Daddy had a wonderful snuggle last night:
The Cubs and Royals are both in the semifinals in baseball. You can imagine this is like the biggest deal ever at our house. I'm getting concerned, though. What if they end up playing each other in the world series? Um...
Being in KC last year while the Royals were in the World Series was my favorite time period out there. They LOVE their teams. It was so exciting! And the Double B is just beside himself about the Cubs. He has loved them his whole life. I'm excited for him. 
I took the kids for a walk this evening, it was so beautiful and cloudy, with a pleasant breeze. We saw eight fighter jets fly over us doing training while we were just moseying on down the street. They've been flying really quite low the last couple days and it's awesome to watch. I'm always so glad they're not coming after me! My Dad would get nothing done if he lived in Vegas, he loves fighter jets so much. Nellis definitely gives us some good shows. While we were walking, we passed this tall tree that Katelyn just found so amazing. She was sure her Dad would be so sorry he missed it, so she snapped a picture for him to enjoy later on:
I thought that was pretty darn cute that she was thinking of him. 
The Double B got moved to a new department today, and we're super excited. He loves where he's been, but this is a very strategic move for his career. He'll have access every day to the top three managers in the warehouse, and that opportunity to be mentored is super awesome. We feel like we're in the right place at the right time for his career, and that's so good. He's worked so hard to get to this point! I'm really proud of him. The kids are doing awesome in school and have adjusted really well. We've been blessed, that's for sure.

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