Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Talk

KJ, just putting off his homework until the last possible second, as every respectable sixth grader should. 
So we did it. 
We had "the talk" with our first born child.
I thought we'd do it in fifth grade with the growing up class, but apparently they don't do that in Missouri! So we were left to our own devices. It's so funny, because I've been reading books about talking to your kids about life for about three years, but I was still nervous. However; we live in Las Vegas -- where even the billboards give you an education. And he was headed off to middle school. So, you know. It was time. He already knew a lot because we believe in being as honest about questions as is age appropriate, but it was time for the official sit down talk. The Double B and I tag-teamed it like pros and I was pretty proud of us! We had a lovely, helpful little book to give him, thanks to grandma. And guys -- it went awesome. It was really a very sweet experience. We are lucky in that KJ is such a sweet and innocent boy -- and we want to do everything in our power to help him live a happy, healthy life. 
This whole parenting thing is not for sissies. 

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