Monday, December 7, 2015

Early Riser

Benson is really a great sleeper -- probably our best one. After a rough sleep beginning, he is the very poster child for sleep trained sleeping. He'll sleep anywhere, just give him a crib and a room of his own. He's only woken up in the night and cried once in months and months, and that was because he needed a diaper change. He's pretty much a marvel. Every once in awhile he throws us a curve ball, though, and thinks he should wake up at five o'clock in the morning. That was today, and so the two of us spent some quality time together quite early. Sigh! Katelyn was thrilled to see us downstairs a little later, and it was actually a pretty great view for me to enjoy while they ate their breakfast. 
These two really love each other. 
Today when I picked up Liv from school she was SO excited to tell me that her friend from class, Hadley, is in our new ward! Awesome! That made her feel a lot more excited, and me, too,  because her Mom is super friendly. As we walked to get Katelyn she told me all about it and included Hadleys many qualities, then said very seriously "You know what the best part about Hadley is? Her last name. It's Whipple.. and I really admire that." It was said so admiringly, and just gave me such a chuckle. That girl! 

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