Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Today was so very, very productive. I love those days. The house has needed to be saved from the children, and today I made great headway. Benson was very cooperative with a four hour nap this morning! Then Daddy got home early and was his good buddy, so Hurrah. Just cleaned and threw stuff away all day. (I love throwing stuff away. It makes me happy, happy, deliriously happy!) Hoping to follow this trend tomorrow and reclaim the upstairs from the small evil forces.
Today was also an adventurous day. Benson fell down the stairs -- twice. Ugh. First this morning, which Katelyn described as "first he was teeter-tottering, then he rolled and rolled!" Then again tonight and bumped his head. He's so tough and feels better after momma snuggles and a little sympathy, which his sisters so compassionately lavish on him. I hate letting him learn to navigate them down. It scares me! But really he is doing well. He turns around and just sails on down and LOVES it. Thank heavens for the Double B, otherwise KJ would probably still not know how to use a fork. It is so hard for me to not be overprotective and coddle my babies. The Double B is the perfect balance for me, because he is able to say "Are you breathing? Do you still have both of your arms? Wonderful, you're okay." I love who he is and am so grateful we are such a great team.
I counseled with the Lord in my morning prayers about Katelyn today. He helped me so much! She challenges me and as I was talking to him about how frustrated I am with myself and how much ground I seem to have lost in controlling my temper, how frustrated I am with myself because she's such a sensitive soul and I know she needs gentle nurturing and not big temper energy, the thought came "maybe you should just refuse to be be provoked. Just absolutely refuse to be provoked." I wrote that on my heart and am so thankful that the Lord so generously counsels us! I may not always deserve the help in mothering her, but she deserves a mom that has help. It helped me a lot. I was so happy when she made it to school happy and not having been yelled at! I was so happy to cuddle her when she got home, play, and tuck her into bed not having been yelled at! I know not every day will be a success, but today was. Hallelujah. I will work to remember that commitment to simply refuse to be provoked.
I even played, REALLY played with my girls this morning. Sometimes I forget to play. So success. Keep going, Marie, you're getting there!
On the way to school I asked the girls what pets they might have when they grow up. Olivia, of course, said a CAT! She loooves cats and can't wait to have one to cuddle. Katelyn cracked me up with "I want a cat and a fish. But I won't let my cat pet my fish."
Olivia and I were singing Christmas songs this morning and she sang "in the meadow we can build a snowman -- and pretend that he is PARSLEY BROWN!" I got such a good chuckle. I love hearing how my kids interpret songs. And that's how I'll be singing it from now on, folks.
KJ had fun chilling with Dad this afternoon after school and would stick his head in every now and then to chat with me while I worked. Such a great guy that boy is.
Here's what greeted me when I went in for lights out tonight -- pretty lucky Mommy.

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