Thursday, December 10, 2015

Three Small Things

1. Parenting is hard. I was reminded of this by the end of the day when two moments coincided: Katelyn swinging around the pizza cutter like a maniac and Benson throwing himself on the ground at every offer of food. I guess he didn't like the options.
2. Tonight I went to the little get together at the ice cream shop for the ladies leaving the ward. That was also hard, but I did it. I need friends and there's only one way to get them. BY BEING SOCIAL. Check!
3. This morning Olivia informed me that she and KJ came up for Native American names for our family. KJ is "Shining Star." Olivia is "Painted Leaf." Katelyn is "Crazy Blondie." And Benson is "Hungry Mouth." Sounds about right.

1 comment:

Ducksoup said...

I'm loving all this blogging! So cool! And I sure admire you for going to that social. I'm a little antisocial myself so way to be!