Wednesday, January 13, 2016

9 Is A Circle With A Line

On Monday Olivia turned nine years old. 
This hurts my feelings, because:
How did this little smurf grow to be nine? The public wants to know. 
It is sad but exciting to see your kids grow up. Olivia is a rare gem and we are so lucky to have her! She makes us laugh every day and makes our hearts smile. She is a breeze on a sunny day. 
I think she had a happy birthday. She was thrilled with her ukulele -- a desperate attempt to make up for the dream-killing we committed when throwing away her old, broken toy guitar in the move! We've listened to lots of strumming. She got plenty of art supplies to keep her busy. 
Donuts for breakfast, got out of school for a lunch date, and Star Wars at night. I am thinking we are pretty cool parents sometimes! 
I took the three older kids to The Force Awakens and they were so excited! They loved it. Katelyn was only scared at one part that had some monsters and climbed on my lap. Liv leaned over and said "Katee, if you're scared, you can sit on my lap!" Katelyn happily switched laps and it worked out perfectly for both of them -- someone to hold on to! I thought that was pretty cute. The theater was in a casino and while KJ and Olivia were holding hands and walking nervously, Katelyn walked ahead three feet, swinging her jacket around like she was hot stuff. That kid! 
We came home and climbed in bed after a great day. 
In Conclusion, I just put together this little side by side for you. I've always thought Benson looked a lot like Liv as a baby, and now I can plead my case with the world. They're related, ladies and gentlemen! 

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Ducksoup said...

Man you have the cutest kids! Love that pic of you holding that sweet baby girl.