Sunday, January 17, 2016

Adventures With Tiny B

The Double B has had the last two days off, and it's been great, because he has had a front row seat to the adorable path of destruction our one-year-old can cause. He's been very impressed. 
Here's the thing: Benson is one happy, go-lucky guy, with only an occasional display of war-path temper. He's a doll. A pleasure. A busy, busy, busy man. He reminds me of all the stories I've heard of the Double B when he was a child. He just causes trouble without meaning to. And then he dumps the whole bag of veggie straws, and you can't even be mad, because it wasn't malicious. So you let him eat as much as he wants before sweeping them up. Yep. That's Benny. 
Yesterday morning he gave us quite a scare. I was upstairs cleaning our bedroom when I heard a sound downstairs -- I just knew he was choking. I ran down the stairs and the Double B had him upside down over the sink, pounding his back. He'd get a few half breathes, enough to groan in pain, then choke again. Horrible. I was finally able to swoop a pretzel out of his throat, but I don't know how, because it was lodged way down there. Heavenly Father blessed us, basically. It must have hurt so badly, because I had to reach my finger so far down his throat and dig and dig. So scary for all three of us -- it took quite a bit of manuevering between the Double B and I, but we were able to stay calm and talk to each other as we tried different things several times. When we finally got it out, all three of us were shaking and Benny and I were both crying as Daddy and I held him close! Not something you want to happen but so thankful it ended well. When I finally put him down to feed him breakfast, Olivia stayed right by him with her hand on his shoulder while he ate, wanting to stay close. He didn't mind! She came upstairs with me to put him down for a nap and told me she thought it was Heavenly Father that got the pretzel out of Benson's throat. I told her I agreed. I was praying hard and I knew Daddy was, too. She said "I was, too, Mom. I'm so thankful He answered our prayers!" Me, too. She'd been in the kitchen with us and it was very scary for her, too. I'm glad the Spirit witnessed to her that our Heavenly Father cares for us. I know He does in all outcomes in our lives. 
He also had to have a haircut last night. Rough day for Benson! He sure looks cute, though. 
We are so thankful for this mischievous boy and will happily lose many bags of food that he dumps out! He puts the spice in life, that is for sure!  

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