Sunday, January 3, 2016

And Christmas Afternoon

We had a lovely Christmas day with the Double B's parents. They are so wonderful and truly amazing. Mom made us a yummy dinner and Sabrina and her family came over, too. We laughed and relaxed and had a jolly good time. Benson likes to wreak havoc on all Grandma's nice things, so it's a really great thing he is so cute! Here's Grandma showing him her village. He's crazy about her. 
Katee just chillin' on the couch. 
Papa doing his puzzles. He's keeping the crossword people in business! 
Two of my favorite guys. We are extremely blessed to have the Double B's Dad still with us. He is 91 now and I just don't think I could love him more. It was wonderful to spend our first Christmas back home with the people we love most! 

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