Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Morning

It's so fun to have kids on Christmas. I love setting things up and feeling their anticipation and joy! And I still don't sleep a wink on Christmas Eve night. Which is sad, because sleep = awesome. The kids were so excited they didn't sleep much, either! But they were good and so excited on Christmas morning! 
Katelyn's dreams came true because Santa brought her an American Girl doll that looks just like her! She had wanted one for so, so long and was sooo happy to open her up (she has since named the doll Katelyn Jr.). When she saw it she yelled "Finally!!!" And just got happier and happier when she saw Santa had brought a few outfits for Katelyn Jr., too. At one point I was watching her and she whispered intently "I am so happy!" And in that moment, my life was made. It will be hard to top that one. It just filled me up. I love this little girl so much and her happiness is my happiness. 
Olivia was mighty excited that Santa brought Olivia Jr. a little sister, an American Girl Itty Bitty Baby she has named Winter. 
KJ still wants legos. All legos, all the time. He also got the Hank Smith cd collection and we've all enjoyed listening to that! 
Benson had fun opening a few presents and trying out everybodies stuff, and getting time-spoiled by his bestie, Grampa.
We had a beautiful morning with Grandma and Grandpa and biscuits and gravy to boot before heading up to spend the rest of the day with our other grandparents. 

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