Sunday, January 3, 2016

Leading Up To

My parents came down the night before Christmas Eve to celebrate with us. We loved having them! 
Grandma helped us make fudge and we decorated Christmas cookies. 
Best buddies. Katelyn is so crazy about Benson and he is the only person she loves to snuggle and mooch on. Benson is crazy about Katelyn and can sometimes find her affection a little intense! So glad these two have each other. 
Going out to Christmas Eve dinner, as is tradition. The kids talked is into Olive Garden, and my parents and I laughed the whole way home recognizing how much we all totally hate Olive Garden but keep thinking it will be different! So gross but you spend so much you are morally obligated to eat the leftovers, ha ha! So fun to be together. 
This tradition is one the Double B brought into our family. He loved it growing up and it's fun to carry on with our little people. 
We came home, read Christmas stories and headed to bed so Santa could find us. Katelyn carefully tracked Santa on my phone the whole night so we could get into bed on time! 

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