Thursday, January 7, 2016


Ever since Bens mastered the stairs, this is where you'll find him (if he's not in the toilet, the garbage, dumping water on the floor, or pulling all the contents out of the cupboard). He LOVES the landing on the stairs and would live there if he could. I think it must symbolize freedom and big-kid-edness to him; he can see the downstairs, but upstairs is just a short dash up if something exciting happens or someone leaves a bathroom door opened. Tonight Katelyn let him play with her beloved playhouse (thanks Grandma and Grandpa) with the door that you can actually open and close, in his hang out zone. He was so happy.  
I think this little chicken is getting ready to pop out a few more teeth or something, because he was pretty diabolical today. It was pretty much a reign of terror all of his waking minutes, so thank heavens he is a cute little dictator. That's okay. He's allowed to have a rough day. This morning he woke up early and I was snuggling him in my arms. He laid his heavy little hand on my neck and looked at me. It was a quiet, still, and gentle moment that filled my cup. All day, in between being mad at me, he would pull me close as I carted him around (his chariot, if you will). It touched my heart. 
A funny from tonight: Katelyn is a Chatty Cathy (which she gets from her mother). She just talks and talks and talks, and sometimes she doesn't even mind if there's an audience. I understand this compulsion from my own childhood, but it can be troubling for the Double B . Your ear does get tired after awhile! Tonight she was in the kitchen pretending she was baking with some cake mixes while BB and I caught up on our day. The Double B informed me that yesterday evening she followed him from room to room, chatting all the way! That made me laugh. Finally tonight she was getting quite loud and he told her "How about you go in the other room to bake? You can even take your cake mix and talk to it in there!" Oh my. It gave me such a chuckle. She totally went, as long as she got to take her cake mix (and her whisk). 
I love my crazy little family! 

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