Sunday, February 14, 2016


Last weekend we went up to Utah to help celebrate Mariah's 22nd birthday. 
Mariah is almost done with hair school and so we went in for our first beauty treatments! The kids patiently waited while Dad got a close shave. 
Then I got my eyebrows waxed, which was pure bravery. My eyebrows don't know what to do with themselves, they are so groomed. 
We didn't have enough time to finish all the trims needed, so she finished up the girls when she came over for her birthday party. It was fun to spend time celebrating her! She did a great job, all around. 
She is a good Mom and we really like her boyfriend. We are hoping they get married and form a family, of course, because we will always want the best for her. We have also learned that our opinion of what is best and her opinion of what is best don't always (rarely) match up, ha ha! But that is an important lesson to learn, too. There can be differences but still great love. That girl has given us a run for our money since day one! The good has been very good and the bad has been very bad. We are proud of all the good she does and all she has accomplished, especially that she is following her dream of attending hair school!  We love her and we are happy she is a part of our lives.
She is a special girl. 

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