Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pancakes And Other Happenings

Olivia likes to help in the kitchen, she always has. But this week in particular, she's been on fire. She's been in there helping me with dinner three different times. Then, Thursday morning, she decided she wanted to make pancakes. By herself! She was sure she could do it, and sure enough -- she did. Measured, mixed it, grilled it, flipped it. All by herself. She and Katelyn and Benson had a great breakfast. It was really fun to watch! And quite a mess to clean up! But as she practices it will be less mess, and really, I'd rather have a messy kitchen and a happy, learning daughter then no mess any day of the week. 
She's so cute. 
Katelyn has had a great week. Her spirit seems to be gaining more confidence, and she is so silly and fun. She cracks me up. She wanted to take some pictures and instructed me on every face to pull. 
She makes every day an adventure! 
Benson is such a pleasant guy. He is learning like crazy -- twice this week he has done something that showed he understood what I said. He says "car" and is toy car crazy. He makes the sound of "thank you" when you give him something. Sometimes when we're shopping he leans forward in the shopping cart for a hug. I'll put my arms around him and he lays his head on my chest and grabs my sides with his little hands. He'll stay that way for quite awhile. Totally melts my heart. 
Sitting down for lunch after his morning nap, he was getting quite content, giving me this little smile. I had to try to get a picture! He kindly held still while I held up my phone, knowing exactly what I was doing. 
What a guy. 
KJ has P.E. this semester, and surprisingly is really liking it a lot. I am thrilled! He even took two minutes off of his mile this week. That is what hard work and dedication get you. I am really proud. Hopefully he'll start feeling that motivation in his other classes! This whole middle school grade slump is interesting. We'll get through it! He just has to decide it's what he wants to do. I had to decide the same thing in school, so I get it. He is such a great guy. We are so lucky to have him. 
I have been on a mission to learn how to do cute hair! YouTube has played a critical role in this mission. And dang it, my girls go to school with a nice hairdo every day. Pretty proud of myself. We get a lot of instruction off of Cute Girls Hairstyles. The girls love it. Here is their Valentine's hair:
Liv is on a mission, too. She watches the videos and then practices on my hair. Her goal is to be able to do her hair and Katelyn's hair for school! That's a great goal. Here's the 'do she gave me last night:

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