Sunday, February 14, 2016

Practice Problems

Things can get a little dicey for KJ when he tries to practice his viola with his #1 fan around. 
KJ really has a gift and is teaching himself to play many songs beautifully, on top of his assigned practice. This week it was "Come Thou Fount." Benson loves to sit and listen and occasionally "help out."
KJ got home from school, visited for a minute, and pulled out his instrument. Benson was chilling in the rocker, ready to enjoy his concert. 
It's like you can see the thoughts in Benson's head: "Is this your music? Do you need help? I feel like you do." I love that KJ keeps trying to play while his music is moved all over the place.
Eventually Benson just feels like Bubba's music is on the wrong side all together and works hard to correct the problem. KJ gives up. Ain't nobody that can play under these circumstances! Benson takes his newly claimed work book to the other couch and KJ is left to practice his viola in peace again -- just without music.  

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