Saturday, February 27, 2016

Viva Las Vegas, Cousin Style

My very loved cousin Sara and her husband Conway are down in Vegas for the weekend and so, so kindly fit us into their busy schedule! They came up to our house and then we went to lunch -- then they convinced us that visiting the Hershey, M&M, and Coca-Cola factories were the only plausible option for the afternoon! I'm so glad they did. We had a blast. 
Sara always really, really makes me laugh. I just love that about her. Have you noticed when you've got a really great cousin, you laugh because of shared experience, and because you have mutual understanding? I have some particularly excellent cousins, I gotta say. Some mediocre ones, too, quite honestly -- but mostly A+ quality all around! 
At the Coke factory they have this little food court where you can try "Coke" from all over the world. It was wild! The general favorite was from Greece. I was the only one that liked a minty one. Sara loved one from Puerto Rico that tasted like Red Creme Soda. It was way fun. The kids thought it was amazing! It was a lot for our pancreas powers to get through that much sweet, but awesome. 
Kate the Great was high on life from the second she found out we were going to the "tall buildings." She can see them from her bedroom window and has been wanting this type of adventure for a long, long time. She loved every second -- she's a wild child! Every time we were above she'd wave and call out "hello, tiny people!"
It was really a whole lot for Benson to take in. Frankly, for a guy who spends most of his time in a quiet house with Mom, and things are only "wild" when the siblings get home, it's a lot. He found a lot of it pretty scary. Welcome to the club, son! 
Katee really did love it all. She would still be down there, if she could! She was pretty petulant that we had to go "You and Dad just wasted my time!" Or "KJ and Livi got more time down there then I did!" False and false, princess. Her naughtiness reminds me how terrible I was as a kid when traveling, etc. It was probably anxiety (or evilness) or something, but I was a wreck. I'm only getting what I deserve! However; I did regain my "best mom ever" status by letting her have cereal for dinner. So I guess I just totally rock, or something. She really loved the frenetic energy of it all. 
These two got to drive down with Sara and Conway and as you can see, it was pretty great. 
We were all (minus Katelyn, party animal) so so so happy to drive away from the madness and re enter our little corner of the city! Here you are totally separate from all that, thank heavens! Our neighborhood has never seemed more quiet and peaceful. I have always profoundly disliked "Las Vegas," and would be so tunnel visioned driving through I didn't even know there were mountains here, ha ha! But it is a lovely place and just like any other big city, once you're past all the neon lights.
What a fun day! 

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