Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Crazy Hair Day

Today is the day: crazy hair. The girls were so excited. They decided they wanted big puffy hair and had me braid and twist it last night. Katelyn, with her fine blond hair, ended up with the most amazing fro. And she just couldn't take it! Even though it was expected, the reality was just too much. It's too bad, because it was hilarious and so, so cute. She gathered her courage and had 4 curly ponytails. They were cute, too, and it was really going out on a limb for her. Liv, with her thick brown hair, was very disappointed she didn't get the same fro effect. In fact, it looked kind of cute, which was a disappointment. So we got creative. I love my girls and their uniqueness personalities! 
She'd already squashed it down and barely agreed to this picture. But it still charms me. It was just too much for a shy five-year-old girl to take! 

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