Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hey, Big Spender

The Double B is up North helping my parents put in a new floor. I so appreciate his willingness to help! He's awesome. I miss him a lot. The kids and I went up over the weekend to see baby Will, and when we got home I was suffering from a raging outbreak of a terrible disease called Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, and got mad because the door was locked and I'd already carried Katelyn out of the car and was stuck. So I just went to bed that night, silently. He had to work the next day and was only home for a minute before he had to leave and I had a headache of death and was basically blind (stupid hormones). So we've been apart for many moons (5 days, basically. With about ten minutes in between). This isn't regular for us, so I really, really miss him. Come back, Double B. I promise not to throw you any shade over accidently locked doors! I'm back in my right mind! 
To occupy us, the kids and I went on some adventures after school yesterday. First the library, where Benson likes the acoustics and feels it is the place he should be loudest. Then Target! So they could spend the money they had in their "spend" envelopes. It was really fun. The girls both bought themselves a fancy hat and gloves for Easter. 
I sent their pictures to my Mom and she said she loved them because they show their personalities so well. So true! So different but each so perfect in her own way. 
KJ picked some spicy chips that burned his mouth off and some silly putty. Benson just complained because he had to be belted in because Mom wouldn't let him climb out of the cart. I'm weird like that. 
Before I show you Easter Liv, here's a little bonus picture for you: Katelyn the Christmas Cow. 
I may have melted into a puddle. 
Here's Liv with her hard earned purchases, dainty as can be and "ready for spring!"
So that's us today. Happy and ready for Daddy to come home! 

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