Saturday, March 12, 2016

I Know, Right?

The kids and I have had a very busy and fun day. The dollar store, Target, Costco, the library, the park, and Dairy Queen made it fun and enough for Katelyn to ask to be put to bed, tucked in, and out like a light before bedtime tonight (of course, that is her running like a maniac at the right of the picture, to give you an illustration). 
Here's a cute little story. As we were walking around the school as the sun lowered in the sky, the light was giving a beautiful glow to Olivia's hair. 
I said "You're hair looks so beautiful and golden in the sunlight, Olivia." 
She took the time to give it a luxurious shake and then said in all sincerity "I know, right?"
That pretty much made my day. 

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