Monday, April 4, 2016

A Little Bathroom Humor

So two funny things have happened with my girls lately and I don't want to forget them. Noone else (the Double B, basically) seems to find them as hilarious as I do, but OH WELL! I'm sharing anyway.

Last week Kate and Benson were in the bath before school. Benson loves to pee in the tub, unfortunately, and sure enough, he stood up, leaned back, and cheerfully let loose. Katelyn screamed in horror, but what do you do? So I turned on the water and started hurrying to wash her hair, because dangit, I wasn't going to lose the opportunity. She froze and in a voice laiden with disbelief says "So basically, you're pouring man pee all over me???"

And... scene.

We spent spring break in Southern Utah and had a blast. One day while heading back to the car after a hike, the boys answered nature's call and then Olivia said she needed to go, too. I asked if she could hold it, because it's a lot harder for girls to go in the wilderness! She assured me she couldn't hold it. So I took her into a wooded area and had her take off her skirt and underpants, explaining she'd need to spread out her legs and squat to try to not get herself. What happened next is honestly one of the funniest things ever. She is very flexible and went into this amazing yoga-style squat and went potty for the longest, loudest time. Then she looked down at the grass and said "You're welcome, grass!" I just cracked up. When she finished I told her to shake it off, and she did. Then she peed again! I was laughing and laughing. Then she put her skirt back on (only Olivia hikes in a skirt) and cheerfully said "I think I might have just peed out my life force!"

And... scene.
These girls! They both just make me laugh so much. So there you have it -- two pee stories. You're welcome!

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