Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dad-Daughter Trip

My Dad and I went on our first ever Dad-Daughter Trip. It was so stinking fun. 
We drove down to Phoenix for an awesome conference with our health company. Our team leaders won a training worth $500 a person and shared it with us for free! It was very inspiring. 
The trainer was a guy named Rod Hairston that taught us new ways to work on our thinking and our approach on life. It was so much good information, and I am really using it to change my focus and be more positive. I loved it, and REALLY loved doing it with my super awesome Dad. 
We got to stay with the wonderful Broschinsky family. My best friend in high school, Brad, comes from such a great family and his mom and I are still close. It was so great to see them again! His Dad cracks me up so much. 
Also -- ladies and gentleman, I broke a board. WITH MY HAND. So I guess I'm basically a ninja! 
The purpose was to break through something holding us back -- I wrote "frozen" because I let my self-doubt and fear literally freeze me sometimes -- and to come out to what we wrote on the other side. For me, that is purpose, movement, and passion. 
Dad and I had a blast. 
We talked and talked and laughed a lot, because that guy is funny, and he thinks I'm funny, too. Can't wait to do it again! 
Benson enjoyed a short visit with his BFF. I made them both shakes and my Dad tried to do "cheers." Benson just took that as an opportunity to drink Papa's shake. He knew Papa wouldn't mind! 

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