Monday, April 11, 2016

It Really Did Happen Just Like This

Saturday there was a spectacular rain storm in Las Vegas. Not the best I've ever seen -- 'cause I've lived in Kansas City -- but amazing and impressive, because this desert is simply not equipped to handle that amount of water that fast. Water filled the streets and it was absolutely pouring down. 
The only problem was, it was the big scout fundraiser at the park, and KJ was there with all the other Scouts for the day, having a carnival and selling Hawaiian food. Oh boy!!! We headed over just as things got crazy, so really we ended up heading over there to pick KJ up. I've never driven in that much water! Poor Scouts were trapped under a tarp, soaking wet as their leaders just braved the downpour so that their stuff wasn't swept away. Absolutely crazy.
Here's the interesting story that goes with it:
The Double B worked on Saturday. So I got the three little ones at home loaded in the Durango when Katelyn started rolling down her window. I reminded her she couldn't have it down because it was pouring rain! But guess what -- her window got stuck. Absolutely stuck. Wouldn't go up and wouldn't go down. There was just no power in that window. I was pretty worried because I knew we'd have to go get KJ and what were we going to do? I tried everything and nothing worked. I was pretty frustrated.
Olivia suggested we pray, but I'll admit my faith was low. I knew the Lord COULD fix the window, I just didn't think He would. But I agreed to pray because that's what parents do.
We prayed but I really didn't have faith it would work (O ye of little faith). My girls sure did, though! I tried several things, nothing. I was looking forward, thinking, my hand still on the button when -- you guessed it -- the window rolled up.
Now here's the thing. It had been several minutes -- at least ten. Nothing was working. I wasn't even doing anything in that minute, I just had my hand pressed on the button like I'd had for several minutes. And then up it went, so that we could go and get KJ! I was stunned.
But not stunned, does that make sense? Just... surprised. That the God of the whole universe would help us roll up our back window.
So we said another prayer to thank Heavenly Father for helping us roll up our window when we needed help. And then we went and got KJ (we practically needed an ark).
I know some would say this was just a fabulous coincidence. But I know it wasn't -- honestly, I know better. I know that the Lord took that opportunity to remind this little Doubting Thomas that He does really care and that He really is in the DETAILS of our lives. I really needed that reminder, and have pondered it ever since. Maybe we should call it "The Miracle of the Back Window."
My little girls had faith and He reassured us all.

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