Friday, April 29, 2016

Questions With Katee

One early morning I came downstairs and Katelyn was out in the World's Smallest Yard, chilling in her red wagon, eating peanuts and sipping red punch. She was just so peaceful. 
I don't know, I just think it says something about her, that this is how she finds her zen. It's very simple and very sweet. 
Katelyn likes to come cuddle in the mornings and have some alone time so we can chat. Today she asked me to ask her questions. I asked "what about?" She said "Anything."
So here we go. This is closely transcribed:

Mom - What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Kate - Hmm. Like you! 

Mom - A mommy? 

Kate - Yes. And I want to stay home and do all the work at the house. 

Mom - That sounds great. How many kids do you want? 

Kate - Oh. Mmmmm. 13!

Mom - Wow, I'm going to have a lot of grandkids! 

Kate - Yep. You want to know why I want 13 kids? 

Mom - Yes, why? 

Kate - So that they can do all the work. Like, around the house. 

Mom - Wow, that's a great plan. 

Kate - Yep. 

Mom - What's your favorite book? 

Kate - You can guess. It starts with P and ends with T!

Mom - Pete the Cat

Kate - You got it! Good job. Okay, ask some more questions. 

Mom - Do you have a crush on anyone? 

Kate - Gross! No! 

Mom - Are you sure? 

Kate - Ugh. Yes! 

Mom - Hmm. Do you think you'll want to get married when you grow up? 

Kate - (scoffs) No!!! (mutters) Disgusting. 

Mom - How will you have 13 kids if you're not married?

Kate - Well, it's just gross. It's disgusting. I mean, then I'll have to be like you and Dad. 

Mom - What's disgusting about me and Dad? 

Kate - Well, I know you're in love, but every day you just... you know... (mutters) disgusting. 

Mom - You mean every day we kiss? 

Kate - Yes! Ugh! And I just don't want to have to do that. And I don't want my sister or brothers to have to do that, either. 

Mom - Okay. I get that. What's your favorite thing about yourself? 

Kate - Hmm. I guess that I love you more then anything in the whole Galaxy! 

Mom - Thank you, Katee! I love you so much, too. What's something you love about yourself? 

Kate - Well. Umm. I do guess I love myself, but I used to have sometimes where I would hate myself, but now I love myself. 

Mom - I'm sooo glad, Katelyn, you should definitely love yourself! You are so special. 

Kate - Yeah, I know. I know you love me so much! Okay, ask another question. 

Mom - Actually, it's time to go do our chores. 

Kate - Nnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo!

And... scene. 

Once Katelyn came in to snuggle and fell asleep. It was such a treat. She was such a warm, snuggly little heater, and so content. 

Katelyn is a very magical and complex human being. She is growing in her feelings of self worth and we work so hard to help nourish that little flame! We are getting there. We love her with our whole hearts. 

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