Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Time The Lord Sold Our House

I miss our house.
We all loved our happy little house in Missouri and often said we wished we could just pick up with the yard and move it wherever we went.
When we found out we were moving to Las Vegas, we had about three weeks to execute another cross-country move (typical). But this time, we needed to sell a house. It was a pretty stressful time. But we met with a realtor, worked our guts out to get it ready to go on the market, priced it low to sell fast, and applied our faith. I was really scared, honestly. But showings kept rolling in, and sure enough, after only about a week on the market, we got a good offer and accepted it. I know the Lord did that for us. We didn't make much -- just enough to pay for our move. But we were so thankful to have divine intervention! I learned so many lessons in Missouri, but this seemed like the cherry on top of reminders, really. To trust in the Lord with all my heart. When I called my Mom to tell her the offer had gone through, I told her I just wasn't sure how I could possibly thank Him enough for helping us so much. She said "The way you thank Him will be with the way you live your life."
They are so wise.
We are renting in Vegas and honestly probably will for a long time, because you just never know with this life we've chosen when your next three weeks notice to move across the country is. And that is what it is. But I miss our beautiful house, the beautiful yard, the beautiful woods I watched change each season while I worked in the kitchen. I miss my thinking spot in the front room, where I could sit and stare up the street or watch the sky and enjoy the quiet. I miss our close proximity to the Tates! I miss our house.
But I will remember forever how the Lord helped us sale it. Yet another reminder of His kind and watchful care.

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