Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Widows Mite

KJ has his first big Scout Camp in June. It is in California and even after fundraising each family will pay $300. Which is, you know, a lot of money for Scout Camp. Better get saving! 
The Double B and I decided it would be a good thing to ask KJ to help pay a portion of it with his weekly commission from chores. We talked to him about it tonight and he was very overwhelmed -- by the distance, the length of time he'll be away, and the small amount he can realistically contribute. We tried reassuring him, but he was just feeling stress all around. 
As we talked, Olivia quietly walked into the room with her hand full of cash and waited patiently at the side of the couch for a chance to talk. 
"Yes, Olivia?"
"I want to give my savings to KJ for Scout Camp."
She has been saving diligently and even taking extra jobs so that she could purchase the $30 Birthday Barbie. 
Her eyes were teary but resolute. 
It was totally still for a moment.
"Are you sure, Olivia?" I asked. I didn't want to take her money when of course we can pay for it, but I felt her sacrifice and knew how big this was and that I needed to accept her offering. 
KJ was upset. "No, Olivia, no! I can't take your money!"
She put her hand straight out and firmly insisted "you can't say no! You can't say no! It's my decision. I'm giving it!" I took her $13 and wrapped her in my arms and whispered my thanks and my praise. Then Daddy did, too. 
She and KJ both sniffled through family prayer. 
We now have a "Scout Camp" envelope with its first $13, given as a true gift of sisterly love. I couldn't have been more touched. 
I think Birthday Barbie might just show up one day, anyway. But how I cherish the profound goodness of that selfless decision.  

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