Saturday, May 14, 2016

"Say Cheese!"

Today was a fun family day. After Benson took a long winters nap this morning, he woke up refreshed and Daddy got him dressed up like Farmer Joe to go run errands. When we got home, he chug-a-lugged some red punch so he could achieve this awesome mustache, climbed on my lap, grabbed my phone and said "Say cheese! Say cheese!" These hilarious smiles are the result.
What a guy.
We lost our minds and braved Walmart for a bike tube, and it was as special as one could expect for a Saturday afternoon. The great news is, the three older humans got to take their spend envelopes. KJ had to pay his $3 library fine (those are the hard knocks), but still had enough to get the tsum tsum mystery bag. He was pleased to get the Cheshire Cat. Not thrilled, but pleased. Both girls got a pair of shoes for their American Girl dolls (pink sneakers for Olivia Junior, purple slip ons  for Katelyn Junior). Kate also had enough left over to buy herself a little Nutella snack, so... lucky! 
Tonight Liv and her bff Hadley had a play date with a friend from her class, so that was basically awesome! I went to the adult session of stake conference, and I was so, so glad I did. It was a meeting I needed to go to. I felt the Spirit and felt cheered and lifted and was given a little perspective. The closing hymn was 'Come Unto Jesus,' and it just hit me right in my heart. I may have cried my eyeballs out. I especially appreciated the second and third verse. They say:

2. Come unto Jesus;
He'll ever heed you
though in the darkness you've gone astray. 
His love will find you and gently lead you
from darkest night into day. 

3. Come unto Jesus;
He'll surely hear you, 
if you in meekness plead for his love. 
Oh, know you not that angels are near you
from brightens mansions above?

I was so thankful for that timely reminder. I no longer felt alone -- and I was so grateful for that! The stake president reminded us what Elder Holland says -- that the Lord always rewards us for doing our best. Even if our best laid plan doesn't work out, He rewards us for the intents of our heart. And that is reassuring. 

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