Saturday, May 28, 2016

Emma's Baptism

My niece Emma was baptized last weekend in Salt Lake. So we headed up after Hadleys birthday party (an event Olivia assured me was not to be missed!). We had a great time. 
I made the children pinky swear to get along and also declare their undying love for each other before we left. It seemed to work. I found a few funny selfies on my phone to enjoy. 
We stopped in my home town of Nephi to eat at Reeds  (greatest of all the Dives ever) and stretch our legs. The kids loved playing at the park, and it was fun to have them doing the same things there I did as a kid. 
The Double B pushed me on the swing and I'm pretty sure I almost flew into space! So fun! I felt like a kid again. And was slightly nauseous for the rest of the weekend, but oh well. That's the price for fun, I guess! Worth it. 
Karen took this darling picture of Benson. She always gets such good ones! 
We got to go to Emma's Elsa/Frozen party, and the kids had a ball. Balloon animals and everything! 
We stayed at Aunt Jan's and were spoiled rotten, naturally. We always have such a good time there and feel so welcome. My kids are ready to move in! 
Emma was baptized on Sunday and it was so tender. I love my little niece. And then we headed south again! Adventures are a good thing. 

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