Friday, May 27, 2016


A few mornings ago I was sitting in the front room reading my scriptures, when I happened to glance up at these two yay-hoos. They looked so cute, enjoying some cuddles on the couch and watching 'The Sound of Music.' We really do live in the nerdery. I had to sneak to take a picture, because if Benson sees or hears the click, it's all over. "Cheese! Cheese!" While he chases you down to see the picture. They are cute little besties. 
Olivia is the winner of a major award! She got a medal and two certificates for being an "A" student. We are so proud of her! She will be joining the "GATE" program for gifted and talented learners next year. Basically she has a big brain. We are happy she has the opportunity to improve upon her talents! She is awesome.  
Benson is getting pretty good at throwing fits. Last night he didn't want to go to bed after I changed his diaper, so he rolled off the couch and ran to the corner by the tv, trying to hide. When he heard the click of the picture, he emerged -- picking his nose. What a silly boy. He enjoyed his snuggle with Daddy for a minute and then happily let me carry him "night night."
I think Benson might be a lefty, like his Dad. He seems to use his utensils way more in his left hand. Time will tell. But the Double B wouldn't mind that at all. 
Last night KJ walked with me for awhile. I took him for a lunch date because he got home early, and between the two things we got in some lovely chatting. KJ is such a good boy. I couldn't be more impressed with his desires to do and be good. 
The sunset was golden and it was a very peaceful walk. 

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