Sunday, May 15, 2016

Match Maker

Olivia in her Earth Day Police (E.D.P.) head gear. She took her self-appointed duties very seriously! She even unplugged every single appliance in our house before leaving for school. I was quite surprised when I went to use electricity that day.  
Olivia is in love with love. She loves to see other people in love and can't wait to be in love herself. She just melts into a puddle if she sees Mom and Dad kiss or hold hands. She always has been just CRAZY about love, and very dedicated to her particular crush. She fell head over heels with Ryan in Kansas City in Kindergarten, and had stayed faithful to him all these years, even moving across the country. Until... Kayden entered our lives. Kayden is her friend Hadleys 5th grade older brother, and he is a total dream boat. He has stolen Olivia's heart away from Ryan, whether he intended to our not! She thinks he is just brilliant (and hysterical!) In every way. She has even asked the Double B how he feels about Kayden as a son-in-law, and informed us how she thinks they'll have their first kiss (in his car after a date... post missions, of course. They'll be talking and laughing, then their eyes will meet...).
Olivia is SO FUN. We are so thankful she is in our family. She always makes us smile and laugh. Her imagination and cuteness level are just off the chart. She is a joy! 
We also recently learned her slight obsession with love now extends to others. She's match-making. Last week the husband of one of the gals I visit teach was in the hospital, so we had the opportunity to do a little extra service. We took dinner to them one night and a few days later took their teenage daughter, Fiona, to her orthodontist appointment. She's a doll. They just moved here this year from Guatemala, and she's very fun and absolutely crazy about the United States. I made KJ go knock on the door to get her, and he was pretty horrified. But I was resolute, and off he went. When she came out (she's 15) they stood on the lawn for a minute, chatting. He towers over her, and I hear a sigh from the back seat. It's Olivia: "Don't they just look ADORABLE together?" I had to laugh! 
Later that night she asked me if I thought Fiona was too old for KJ. I told her that three years is a lot right now, but it wouldn't be when they were older IF they liked each other. She was so relieved! I said "Olivia, do NOT mention this to KJ. He would be upset! Let's just keep this little match-making to ourselves." She knodded at me, knowingly. Probably making plans for the wedding. 
I am so glad this girl is ours! 

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