Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sabbath Day

The neighborhood pool finally opened. The kids were so, so, so happy! 
While there watching the kids I made my best Vegas friend yet. His name is Darrell and he's the security guard at the pool. He mentioned he has Asperger's and it took us about two seconds to realize we're both LDS. We covered a whole range of topics; including how weird wards can be, the Kansas City Royals, jobs, families, race relations, and he assured me many times he'd jump in fully clothed to save my kids, if needed. Darrell is the best! I am excited to spend the summer chatting with him. 
Today KJ, the Double B and I all had to talk in church. Our subject was the Priesthood and how it has blessed our lives. I never really know how those things go. But we survived with only minor injuries. 
One last thing that has had me laughing all day. This morning we were all piled on the couches in the front room, except Katelyn, who was playing on the computer. All of the sudden she yelled in to her siblings with that proud voice of someone who feels incredibly clever "You know what only costs fifteen bucks? Yourself!!!"
We all just cracked up. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Best burn ever! She was pretty pleased with herself. 

Before I forget, this is a little paper Liv wrote about Benson that I thought was pretty special. 

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