Thursday, June 23, 2016

15 Year Reunion

On June 18th we had my 15 year high school reunion. I had such an amazing experience at Tuacahn! And at 18 thought I would make completely different decisions with my life then I have, so I was a little nervous. 
I didn't need to be. 
It was such an amazing, restorative day. 
This is a group of us in front of the original "ghetto bus."
I felt like MYSELF again. And it was a really great feeling. 
My brother Matt photo-bombing my bestie, Janel. He's so funny. 
I saw many very loved faces -- clockwise Janel, Angie, my co-president of the drama club Ryan, and Arwen, to name a few. 
I even climbed up on the Hafen stage again to perform a monologue from The Foreigner. I have been really worried that I had lost the ability to act. But up there, it was a little rusty --but it was like putting on a pair of old shoes. They still fit, and that was such a tremendous relief(!) and filled me with joy. I remembered WHY I love to act so much -- it is a very freeing thing to me. Plus, a very cheap form of therapy. What really amazed me is when I performed as Catherine, the tears just came. I had always struggled to get tears, but there they were -- very powerful tears that just poured. It was pretty amazing to me. So freeing.
Here is some of our lunch group, re-claiming our corner of the hallway. 
It was really a great, nostalgic, happy day. I loved every second. The people there have a huge assortment of beliefs and lifestyles, and yet we all love each other so much. It was like we were just together last month. 

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