Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer So Far

These two enjoy their morning shakes together. This, summer can not change. If anything, it has only added additional leisure to their special shake time. And if they sneak some chocolate contraband, who's to know? They leave NO evidence. 
Seriously, though, these two besties. Making their own special noise in the Sonic Happy Hour drive through line. They find themselves hilarious. 
Luxurious cuddles with Daddy.
Until he hears the click of the camera. Then it's all over. 
Bubba is gone to Scout Camp in California all week long. We miss him a ridiculous amount. And hope he is not too homesick. He was pretty nervous! Fly, little eagle! But really. We miss him. 
"Look, Mom! We're twins! Please send this picture to Daddy."
Sunday dinner. Suspicious/cool look and Baby GQ look. He is the funniest kid in the known universe. 
Benny has really, really wanted Momma the last couple of days and doesn't think I should do anything but snuggle him. Luckily, he has sister to rock him and sing to him when Momma betrays him by sweeping the floor. Even if he's half her size. Sad face, then happy face when he realized I was sneaking a picture. Liv always saves the day. 
Greatest picture of all time? 
Errands to stores give us something to do. The best ones are when we go to places like Lowes  (like we did today), because then we get paint samples! Everyone knows paint samples are the best thing this cold world has to offer. 
Headed up tomorrow to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa. So far summer is off to a solid start! 

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