Friday, July 29, 2016

Foot Injury '16

KJ got a little more then he bargained for at a scout swimming activity when his baby toe got caught going down the slide.
We spent some high quality hours in the emergency room together making sure they wouldn't "have to amputate", or anything. 
It's funny, because that morning I felt like something was going to happen at scouts. I just kept warning him to be careful and be cautious then the phone rang with an unknown number and I knew it was the bishop. I was thankful it was just a foot Injury and not something more serious, but he was sure in a lot of pain, poor guy. It was just after the urgent cares had closed, and the toe was turned clear sideways and ballooned up, and the swelling and bruising went up his foot, so we decided to take him in. 
The first hospital we went to was crazy with sick people and so we drove to another. At some point trying to get to the car his foot had touched down and his toe snapped back into place and faced up again, so that was good. The fine people at the second hospital were very nice, and about three and a half hours and some x-rays later, we were told it was a severe sprain and he'd be fine in a few weeks with some tlc.
Poor guy. He requested a stop at McDonald's and we pulled in at 12:43 a.m. He got the breakfast burrito meal, planned for when he and Liv can go to drive-thrus late at night as teenagers, and I finally got him tucked in and climbed into bed myself. Long night, thankful it's not worse, not looking forward to that medical bill. 
Here is a brief look at days 1-4, clock-wise. There was some awesome bruising. Still not 100%, but on our way. 

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Tara said...

Ouch!!! That sounds and looks painful.