Friday, July 1, 2016

The Christmas Gift/The Turning Point

This morning I got thinking about my Harry Potter books. Not that Harry Potter belongs to me personally, but my own personal copies of Harry Potter. You get what I am saying here.
They are special to me. I don't even let my children read those copies, because they are loved and a little worn and loose in the spine. They were all gifts to me by my Double B. I'll tell you about my first two.

We have to go back to Christmas 2001.

I was dating a boy, a very cute, very nice boy that was really, really threatening every single one of my well laid plans. I had only graduated from high school seven months before, and I felt deeply... threatened that this boy had come into my life. I think I knew who he was. Which was; essentially, my plan destroyer.

I had enjoyed our casual dating since October, but by December, was in a full on panic. Because he wasn't going away. And he seemed to like me, like really like me, and essentially said "I'll wait." This did not happen. It was not supposed to happen. I did not, did not, did not know what to do about it. So I freaked out. I pushed on the brakes, hard. And here was this nice, lovely boy, going... "whaaaaat?"

The Double B likes to tell me, when he needs a little sympathy from me, that this was the worst month of his whole life. Courtesy of young Marie. But I was so scared.

I came home for Christmas break and he was there at my house. I essentially ignored him. I resented that he was there in my life to ruin all my well laid plans. I didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to do. My family was considering just throwing me off a cliff and keeping the Double B.

And then, Christmas morning. He'd put a gift for me under the tree. It was thick and heavy, and when I opened it, out fell two books. Not one, but two. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Gorgeous books. Pristine covers. Tight spines. Gorgeous. Perfect, perfect strategy. And I just felt... understood. My icy heart melted.

I asked my Mom if she thought he'd call. She said "I wouldn't, if I were him." I asked if she thought it would be too forward for me to call. She thought I should. I was pretty nervous. The phone rang a few times and then his sister Megan answered. I asked if he was there, and she hesitated then said that he was. When he said "hello?" on the the other end, I thanked him for the most perfect gift. He was happy. I was happy. The rest of the break was dreamy. I think the moment I unwrapped those books, something deep inside of me relaxed. I knew this was a man that would take care of my heart and care about the things that were important to me.

We grew into love and the rest is history. I guess I can thank Harry Potter. Thanks, Harry.

He bought me the third book on a date in Deseret Book. He knew I wanted it, and just... bought it for me. He gave me the fourth book on our wedding day. The fifth book came soon after. The sixth book he brought home to our lizard apartment when I was fifty months pregnant with KJ. He thought we should read it together, but I couldn't wait and consumed it myself. I was too pregnant to wait for anything! He gave me the seventh book with a request -- that we read this one together. We were up far into the night for several days, after we put the kids to bed, reading out loud to one another. It was about 2:30 in the morning and I sobbed as I read about Harry walking into the forest. The Double B said "Do you want me to take a turn?" I said "NO!"
They are special gifts, and they are special to me. They look beautiful in their special place on the book shelf.

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