Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guest Blogger

The last couple of weeks Olivia has had a real ear adventure. She had an ear infection and the doctor said they were also clogged with ear wax and after she'd had a week of antibiotics we'd need to get the wax removed. Which happened last night, and she was very brave. She asked if she could write all about it on my blog! And I thought that was pretty awesome. So, without further ado, may I present my first guest blogger -- Miss Olivia:

Olivia here. So getting ear wax out of youre ears suck big time. if youve gotten ear wax out of your ears welcome to the club.  Dad, "welcome  abourd". Mom "sorry". Well i got it on a Wednesday  night at activity days. Then the foliwing saterdaay dad took me the the docters. After a week of ear drops we had to get the wax out dad put on these type of drops that make the ear wax softer. I had to do that with both ears but at defrente times. Once the drops were in an ear i had to lay on my side and wait for fifteen minutes. And its relly echy and the worst part is that i  could not de-itch my ear #makingupnewwords. well any way back to the story my dad then took me to the bath and flushed out the ear wax with warm water and the ear
wax came out just like that. then we had to do the other side well you get the picture.


Ducksoup said...

Olivia I'm in your club! Loved hearing from you. What an awesome writer you are! Hope you're feeling better!

Tara said...

That was an awesome post. Sorry your ears hurt I hope getting them cleaned made them feel better.