Thursday, August 25, 2016

August Is Almost Gone

I pretty much have missed the month. History will not be able to give us full report. Future Marie, just know that this month could not have been more psychotic, and you're not sorry it's over! We moved, scrubbed the old house, bought a new car and as of yesterday, charged a major repair on the other car to the friendly people at Visa, because our savings are officially tapped out. Good times. Good times. But don't despair, self. It will all work out fine, as we know from past experience. 
Benson added to the fun by being sick during the moving week. Fever and overall misery, making mommy snuggles the most desired and last available medicine. It was pretty rough for the little guy. 
He is in recovery, but driving me crazy. Being two is super rough. The great news is, he figured out how to take selfies on my phone. So I'm finding some treasures. What a squishy face. 
This morning he'd sharpied himself before seven in the morning! Battle Benson has commenced. May we come out the other side in one piece! 
Adulting is not for the faint of heart. 

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