Thursday, September 29, 2016

Celebrating Grandpa Part One

The kids and I headed up to join the Double B on Thursday night. He had left in the very early hours of Wednesday morning and I don't think that time period between could have seemed longer. I was so worried about him that holding down the fort was almost torture -- I knew things needed to be attended to and not having to worry about the kids or anything at home was the best thing I could do for him. But I needed to know that he was okay or not okay or somewhere in between, and I couldn't REALLY know that unless I was with him. This whole experience has been interesting in that it has focused my attention again on how central the Double B is for me and how critical his happiness and well being has become for me. Marriage is a wonderful thing in that way. 
We played games that night at Aunt Sabrina's and it was really wonderful to just be together and laugh and laugh and laugh. We played "Mormon Bridge" and had a great time together. We even put our cards on our foreheads at the end of the round, just for Dad. Family is so powerful, we bolster and strengthen and entertain each other.
KJ was absolutely delighted to learn that he has now outgrown Aunt Megan. He could not have been any happier with himself.
Benson very much gravitated to Grandma and loved her snuggles. He was a little mystified by all the laughing, but it was seriously so awesome. I love these pictures of my favorite boy and his Mom.
It was a great crowd to be in. I also learned that my nephew Josh knows more jokes then any human being in the history of ever. He just kept telling more and more and more! I was truly amazed and entertained.
Here's BB and Mom retelling the story of the time Dad fell over in his chair during a scriptural argument. His feet apparently just levitated for a minute and it was so funny to watch them tell it. BB and I had been laughing all week about the time Dad fell over into the bushes and they seemed to swallow him whole, so this was a good memory to add on top.
We had the viewing the night before and my kids had a really hard time. Uncle Jonnie and Aunt Trina so graciously jumped in and saved the day and came over and took them home to relax with cousins, treats and a movie, and I so appreciate it. Trina even made the Double B his very favorite cinnamon rolls from scratch so he could have them nice and warm that night. They are the very best! At one point at the viewing our brother-in-law John and I were sitting together and he leaned over and said "You know what, B is amazing in lines. He is the absolute best line finisher ever. It should be his job. He's just so great with the people and he could make a career out of this. Honestly, he is a line champion." It cracked me up. John is so funny and it's nice to find things to laugh about in these moments in life. And darned if he wasn't right. The Double B really IS a line champion!
That night the siblings all practiced the song we would sing at the funeral "O My Father," and then the Double B gave such a beautiful prayer. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. We are all so thankful for this good man we got to call "Dad."
The funeral was the next day. All eight of Dad's kids talked and they all did a wonderful job. I was so proud of the Double B. He testified of the Savior and talked very lovingly and well of his Dad. 
There was a nice turnout, especially for someone who was almost 92! Dad was very loved. Even the Double B's old friend Jerry from Costco came. We were both touched by that. 
Life is good. It is hard, but maybe the hard is what helps make it so good.
I am so thankful that the Double B is my other half. We are a good team. This experience is teaching me many things, but one really is about the marriage unit -- how divinely it is designed. As we go through the good and the bad, as we get through the hard, we really do become one unit. As hard as these past few weeks have been, I know they have added another very sweet and tender layer to our life story together. 

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