Saturday, September 10, 2016

First Day Off School

Summer finally came to a close. It was a long, fun, very busy summer, but one day at the end of August (the 29th, to be exact), school came and wanted us back. 
I don't grieve like I used to because now I recognize how very much my children need and love the structure of school. So I'm happy for them, even if they're not as happy for themselves, ha ha. But I do love having them all to myself for the summer. 

KJ is in the 7th grade. He is a joy. He is starting to answer back sometimes when he feels put upon by Mom and Dad and calls me "Mother" when he does. I don't let him know that I think that's kind of funny. We couldn't have asked for a better boy. 
Olivia is in the 4th grade. She is such a bright light in our lives. She is a social butterfly and is suddenly becoming a little tween-like -- I think we may find an attitude in this one after all. She makes me laugh every day and knows just how to work her Dad.  
Katelyn the Greatlyn is a 1st grade. How?! This girl melts me. She keeps me on my toes in every way and is so unique in our family. I know part of my job as her Momma is to help her be unafraid of that uniqueness. She is so bright. She already knows all her sight words for first grade and writes like a much older girl!
Benson is 2. With everything that entails, both tricky and glorious! I honestly think he was ready to send his siblings back to school and have a little more Mom time. He likes (for the most part) having his new friend Greyson come and play. He's our baby and therefore everybody's cuddle bug. He is so loved! 
Here's hoping for another great year! We love these little hoodlums! 

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