Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Calling

They released me from primary. It's true! I never thought I would leave primary again, but lo and behold, I did. I was called as the first counselor in the Relief Society, which is fun because that is my Mom's calling right now, too. I'm excited because I know very little about how the Relief Society operates and I'd like to learn, plus I've always wanted to be a counselor! I've had some amazing ones myself and would love to bless someone's life that way. Plus, I might actually meet some sisters and it is my JOB to befriend them. Anti-social Marie not allowed. I'm good at doing my job when assigned, so that will be helpful. I'm really excited! This Sunday everyone will be gone but me, so it will be a good adventure to figure it out fast, ha ha.
The kids and I are going to drive up to see Dad B on Saturday to give him all our love. Hoping it will be a good and peaceful day for my little ones and their Grandpa that they love so well.

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