Sunday, October 16, 2016


This girl...
Tonight we were watching a show and the man and woman on the screen were getting a little friendly. I've never seen the show before, so I didn't know how far things were going to go, so I paused it so we didn't see more then we bargained for. Katelyn looked back at me with a smart little smile and said "I know what they're going to do next." She said it with so much authority that I thought "hmmmm," so I invited her to come cuddle with me and tell me just what it was they were going to do next. She laughed and said "I'm not telling you!" I assured her she can tell me anything and there is nothing really embarrassing, but no dice. She wasn't going to budge about what she thought would happen next! Has my six-year-old discovered the birds and the bees? Or did she think they were off to play checkers? These are the parental mysteries of life.
Guess I'll be keeping my ear to the ground. This girl keeps me in my toes!  

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