Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cubs Win!!!

It was the year that The Double B has dreamed of all his life! 
The Cubs won the National League pennant.
Then on to the World Series against the Indians. I couldn't believe it! BB was beside himself. It went all the way to Game Seven! 
Grandma came down on November 2 for an eye appointment. Since Dad B's birthday is the 3rd, we had a pizza party to celebrate his birthday as we listened to Game 7.
In the 10th inning, after a rain delay, WE WON! We couldn't believe it! It was so darn fun to see my husband have that moment. 
After more then a hundred years with no World Series, and a whole lifetime of being the world's biggest fan, and sharing that with his Dad... it was just special. Sincerely special. 
It was a night for the books. 

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